The following desktop applications were built with OpenSHA and allow you to explore different aspects of seismic hazard. The applications are all written in Java and are bundled as double-clickable JAR files. To run them, you need to have Java installed, preferably version 8 or higher.

Note: OpenSHA is currently undergoing a transition to using GitHub as a primary distribution point for code and content. For the time being, you can access existing application JAR files by following the application and 'More Info' links below. Please also consider trying the versions available on our GitHub application release page.

Please use the following citation when publishing results generated using OpenSHA:

Field, E.H., T.H. Jordan, and C.A. Cornell (2003), OpenSHA: A Developing Community-Modeling Environment for Seismic Hazard Analysis, Seismological Research Letters, 74, no. 4, p. 406-419.

Note that all applications are being continually developed and that the project provides no guarantees as to their serviceability.

Firewall information: Some of the applications need to access remote servers. For ShakeMap, Disaggregation, and site data capabilities, make sure that your firewall allows connections to port 8080 on

Plot Attenuation Relationship curves. Specifically, plot the mean, standard deviation, and probability of exceeding a given IML, or the IML that has a given probability of exceedance, (on the Y-axis) as a function of whatever independent parameters the Attenuation Relationship of interest depends upon. Any independent parameter that represents a numerical value can be used for the X axis.

This is a beta application that is custom version of the Hazard Curve Calculator (Local). It implements a variety of new attenuation relationships and intensity measure types, as well as a control panel for woking with Generalized Conditional Intensity Measures (GCIM).

Generate a GMT image map for URL-accessible data.

Compute and plot hazard curves for a specified IMT, IMR, ERF, and Site.

Use this application to compute and plot hazard spectra. This can be done for either probabilistic spectra (for a specified IMR, ERF, and Site), or for deterministic spectra (for a specified IMR, Source, and Site).

This is a command-line application that gives the mean and standard deviation at various site(s) for specified IMT(s), attenuation relationship(s), and for each earthquake rupture in one of three Earthquake Rupture Forecasts (ERFs). The ZIP file for the application contains an executable Java JAR file, a README, and a sample input file.

Use this application to plot magnitude-frequency distributions of earthquake magnitude PDFs.

Plot various types of probability distributions.

Use this application to compute and plot Scenario ShakeMaps for a chosen IMR , Earthquake Rupture, and Geographic Region.

Download and plots data and maps for site related data such as Vs30 and Basin Depth.